From Drum Teacher to Successful Music Studio Owner

Episode 9

My wonderful guest on the show today, Miles Ryan, started his business by teaching drum lessons in his living room with a make-shift website. He is now the proud owner of 7DrumCity, an amazing music studio in central DC and is inspiring people to live a creative and balanced life every day.

Miles will talk about how to find your niche by experimenting with ideas, the importance of execution, what it’s like to live a minimalist lifestyle and how that’s helped him to uncover what’s really important in life.

Just do it. That in itself sets you apart. If you wait till you’re a master, you’ll be dead.

– Miles Ryan




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How to Turn $5000 into A Profitable Urban Farm

urban farm

Mary Ackley is the founder and chief veggie officer of Little Wild Things City Farm, an urban farm in Washington DC that uses biologically intensive agriculture principles to sustainably achieve high yields from very small growing space in the city. In this interview, Mary talks about how she started the farm with just $5000 investment and got her investment back within just a few months. Mary also talks about the importance of taking action and trying new things, and how she grew an audience for her farm on social media.  This is an eye-opening episode for me. I’m especially touched by the authentic passion Mary has for organic farming and for her business, which is charming and contagious, and has helped to build the brand for Little Wild Things.

“I’m the type of person who’s into doing things, instead of thinking about doing things.”

– Mary Ackley

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