From Home Kitchen to Whole Foods: How to Turn A Passion in Organic Food into A Growing Business

Gouter, V Orban, Raw Organic

Today on the show, I interview V Orban, who is the founder and CEO of Gouter, a DC company that produces made-to-order, raw organic tonics using alkaline water. V started the company with $3000, after being sick and discovering alkaline water, which saved her life. Today, V’s tonics are sold in major organic grocery chains in the area, including Whole Foods, home-delivered to individual households, and are helping people to live a healthier lifestyle every day. In the interview, V talks about the humble beginning of her company, how she marketed her tonics to yoga studios and grocery stores, and the importance of loving what you do.

“I had no idea if this was going to work. But the thing is when you love what you do so much, you don’t even think about if you’ll make the rent.”

– V Orban



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How to Turn $5000 into A Profitable Urban Farm

urban farm

Mary Ackley is the founder and chief veggie officer of Little Wild Things City Farm, an urban farm in Washington DC that uses biologically intensive agriculture principles to sustainably achieve high yields from very small growing space in the city. In this interview, Mary talks about how she started the farm with just $5000 investment and got her investment back within just a few months. Mary also talks about the importance of taking action and trying new things, and how she grew an audience for her farm on social media.  This is an eye-opening episode for me. I’m especially touched by the authentic passion Mary has for organic farming and for her business, which is charming and contagious, and has helped to build the brand for Little Wild Things.

“I’m the type of person who’s into doing things, instead of thinking about doing things.”

– Mary Ackley

Little Wild Things City Farm


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The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan