How to Launch And Grow A Food Business

How to Launch And Grow A Food Business Kim Bryden is the CEO and founder of Cureate, a company that helps emerging food and beverage businesses grow and scale, and also helps big brands and institutions connect with their target audiences through local food and drink. In this episode, Kim talked about how she started her consulting business focusing on the food industry, and the common mistakes entrepreneurs make in launching and growing a food business.

“Getting local and granular in your launch strategy is super important.”


-Kim Bryden


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How to Validate Your Business Ideas with Minimal Cost

how to validate your business idea with minimum cost
Earlier this year, our host Natasha Che started Soundwise, a mobile marketplace for on-demand audio courses in business and personal development. She and her cofounders want to build the Netflix for learning-on-the-go. In today’s episode, Natasha and Founders Nextdoor producer, Xue Bai, sit down and chat about how Natasha got the idea for Soundwise. And more importantly, this is an example of how you can go about testing your business ideas, so that you can confirm that your business actually has legs, before you plunge into execution and spend a bunch of money on developing the idea.



Soundwise: Audio Courses in Business and Personal Development

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How to Validate Your Business Ideas without Spending A Dime