How to Build Your Business Brand Online And Offline

How to Build Your Business Brand Online And Offline Elise Crawford is the founder of Ringlet Studio, a digital marketing agency in Washington DC that helps women entrepreneurs build their brand online.

As an expert in online marketing, branding, and event hosting, Elise has a lot to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners about marketing. In this episode, she talked about her own entrepreneurial story and how to build a consistent brand image for your business online and offline. She also gives plenty of tips for Instagram and event marketing.

“Instagram is a long game. It took us about a year to see a translation from social followings to clients.”


-Elise Crawford


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From Zero to A National Brand

Agatha Achindu is the founder of Yummy Spoonfuls, an innovative company that makes flash-frozen baby food from fresh, organic and wholesome ingredients.

In this episode, Agatha shared about how she went from making healthy baby food out of her own kitchen to starting a business borrowing money from her own 401(k), to today with a national brand that’s distributed through Whole Foods and Target, with tons of celebrity customers including current co-owner Camila Alves, model-designer and wife of actor Matthew McConaughey. Agatha talked about the lessons she learned in growing the business, including how to get your product into the hands of customers when you had no distribution channels, and how to find balance between the roles of mother, wife and entrepreneur while living your purpose.

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“Don’t be afraid to go right to the top (to get your product in the door).”

– Agatha Achindu


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How Bree Ryback Turned A Hobby into A Thriving Business

How Bree Ryback Turned A Hobby into A Thriving Business
Bree Ryback is the founder of Capitol Romance, a wedding coordination and e-commerce business in DC. When Bree was getting married in 2010, she struggled to find local resources that would help her plan the wedding the way she wanted. So when the wedding was over, she decided to start blogging and share useful tips from her own wedding. The blog got a steady following and eventually helped her to start her own business. In this interview, Bree talked about how to get your first clients when you don’t have a lot of experience or track record, how to be super productive, juggle different projects while staying sane, and what she learned from launching the e-commerce side of her business.

“You never feel you’ve done enough when you are an entrepreneur.”

– Bree Ryback



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How to Bootstrap A Media Empire by Curating Shareable Content


Svetlana Legetic is the co-founder of Brightest Young Things, an online publishing, event production and marketing company. Svetlana moved to Washington DC for an architect job in 2003. She and her cofounders initially started BYT as a simple blog writing about events happening around town. But BYT quickly got so popular that she left her job to focus fulltime on the project. In this interview, Svetlana talked about how to identify your brand voice, promote your business through content, attract organic traffic to your site, and how to capture audience in this day and age of short attention span.

“We do not have a Plan B, failure is not an option.”

– Svetlana Legetic




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