How to Build A Disruptive Product

how to build a disruptive product
Jonathon Perrelli is the CEO and co-founder of LifeFuels, a health technology company in Virginia. Their main product is smart water bottles with customized nutrition injections, which also allows you to track your consumption of water and nutrients with an app.

In this episode, Jonathon shared how he brought LifeFuels from idea to prototype to production. He talked about how to know if there was a market for your product, and how to make sure your delivery of the product actually solved the customer problem you were aiming to solve. He also offered insights on how to attract the right talents and investment for an innovative product.

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“For disruptive innovations, it is the outsider that will catalyze the most drastic changes, not the traditional experts within the industry.”

– Jonathon Perrelli



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