natasha cheFounders Nextdoor is a podcast show hosted by me, Natasha Che.

I started this podcast to share stories of ordinary people who created products or services that have made the world a better place.

Through these origin stories of humble beginnings, my goal is to provide you with inspirations, resources, and practical tips for your own adventure as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by those who started their own thing.

But like most people, after finishing grad school I took the safe option of getting a job at a large organization. There was comfort in following the crowd. Doing anything else seemed too scary and unrealistic.

I did the going-to-an-office-every-morning routine for a number of years, growing increasingly frustrated– because I didn’t feel my work had benefited anybody, except filling some small blanks in a giant corporate to-do list.

When I started my own company, Soundwise, I soon realized realized something– this journey to create a meaningful product/service that benefits the world while achieving a sustainable level of financial return is a difficult one and fraught with all kinds of challenges and pitfalls.

The overnight success stories of Facebook and Airbnb may help sell newspapers, but they can’t be farther away from the real stories of entrepreneurship that are going on every day in every community, the stories of extreme hard work, dedication, resilience, and courage.

I set out to learn as much about entrepreneurship as I could, a lot of time from other founders I met along the way.

And that’s how this podcast got started– from conversations I had with entrepreneurs in my local Washington DC community about the trials and triumphs on their own founder’s journey.

Founders Nextdoor was voted one of the best podcasts in the DMV area, a few months after launch. And it has since grown beyond the DC entrepreneurship scene to reach an audience on both coasts and from all around the world.

Enjoy the stories. And no matter whether you choose to start your own business or not, I wish you much success in life.


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